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Emily Gruber - Head Trainer

Emily  Gruber  has achieved USEA ICP Level II certification as an eventing coach. ( US Eventing ICP Program ) She has been eventing for 30 years and teaching eventing for 20 years.  She has evented through the Intermediate level and taught several students who have competed successfully at the Preliminary level.  Marla is also a USPC National Examiner. She  continues to gain education and experience under the expert coaching of clinicians including Pierre Cousyn, Beth Ball, Steffen Peters, Christine Traurig, Beth Clarke, Axel Steiner and Sue Blinks. 

~ Team Gold, World Equestrian Games, Kentucky (USA) 
~ Team Gold at Fontainebleau European Championships (FRA) 
~ Team & Individual Bronze Beijing Olympic Games 
~ World Equestrian Games, Jerez de la Frontera European Championships  

Since then she has been notching up numerous high profile wins and placings and has beaten some of the world's finest event riders.

Michael Brown - Horsemanship

Michael L Brown Jr has been handling young horses and stallions, and building trust and confidence from the ground up for over 10 years. With well established ground work horses become easier and safer to handle, and are able to be shown to their full potential.  Michael has extensive experience showing horses of all ages and breeds, from putting the basic training on young horses to handling horses at breed inspections and competitions. Breed inspections include the Pferdezuchterverband Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar e.V. RPSI (Zweibr├╝cker),  Belgian Warmblood (BWP), American Hanoverian Society (AHS),  American Warmblood Society (AWS),  American Holsteiner Horse Association (AHHA),  American Trakehner Association (ATA),  German Oldenburg Verband (GOV), International Sporthorse Registry (ISR) and Oldenburg Registry North America (OL NA).